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The name of this band is Grand Guignol Diabolique. All other things don't matter. This project begins where the previous one stopped. The name of that band was Beat Babol. All other things don't matter at all. The name of this album too is Grand Guignol Diabolique. Do you really still wanna know all other things? Look inside yourself. The human creature is made of blood, pulsing all through the body. And when this blood ceases to pulse, this creature dies, even if technically it could be still alive. So, these songs are about blood. Blood and life. Wild life, that's living all sensations at full throttle, don't caring at all of the consequences. Sometimes it could seems a little bit negative. Some other times (well, just immediately after, often...) it could seems absurdly positive. It all depends on us. The men, the women. All the creatures of this wild, crude and still so wonderful world.

But let's go back to the project and this is the story so far: all the 10 songs which are featured here were originally written for Beat Babol's third album, band active in Bologna and Italy from 2001 to 2005 approximately. Their previous albums (all self productions) were "Stavolta Parole" (2001) and "Anche Stavolta Parole" (2002). But Italy is not the prettiest place on earth for young & emerging bands or artists, so they went on and on between highs and lows, mainly doing occasionally gigs only. These songs were written then, with the only purpose of finding new motivations and get enthusiasm back, in spite of all the difficulties. Unfortunately these songs never saw the light, because the band splitted up suddenly after, in late 2005. Amyway pretty much rough material was recorded, as demos, for the members of the band, so they could listen to the songs to be played in the forthcoming gigs. to make all the band's members. Some of these recordings were only cover versions of famous songs, which have recently been released as a "posthumous" album by "Beat Babol" (and this actually becomes the third album of their too short career) called "Tutte mie" (2008). All other tracks (the original ones, except the covers) have been now completed, even if always trying to keep the original sound as much as possible, and the one you're about to hear is the result. We hope you'll like it. The name of this band is Grand Guignol Diabolique. Nothing so dramatic, only blood, beautiful red blood. All other things don't matter and won't ever do.


Just when all hopes were about to be lost, the new "English sung" album EXPORT DIABOLIQUE is released!!! The waiting was long, but the big works happened only in the last two months, making the producer Prof. Aramis Passepartout collapse! The v1.0 of this album is including 8 mixes made by him & the band and 2 other mixes made by other people. But it's rumoured that a v2.0 will replace it with different (and hopefully better) mixes later in January 2015. The songs were quite all written in April 2013, in Puglia, so try to imagine how much this album has been struggling to see the light! So, enjoy this new exciting Grand Guignol Diabolique CD, which will probably be the last album of the year, but surely the one with the best songs in!! Now visit the MUSIC section of this site so you will be able to listen to the whole CD using the player, or also download the single songs in MP3 format or even the whole album zipped in RAR format, covers included. Happy new year lads!!
It was in the air. Grand Guignol Diabolique will start to sing in English from now on. The choice was made mainly because the italian music scene is almost an absolute desert. But, since GGD love their native language, they decided to release a last CD sung in Italian, so here we have "DI TUTTE QUELLE MORTI" a fanatastic new E.P. containing 5 brand new tracks, as a yummy anticipation of what will become the new "international" album, probably due for Autumn this year. Now visit the MUSIC section of this site so you will be able to listen to the whole CD using the player, or also download the single songs in MP3 format or even the whole album zipped in RAR format, covers included. And it doesn't end here, since there are rumours saying that later there could even be a new version of this CD, this time played by the whole band, because we forgot to tell you, now there's a full line up at last! So expect to see Grand Guignol Diabolique on some stage soon, hopefully. 2013 will be a very "diabolique" year, you can bet. ;-)
After 3 years, the long-awaited return of GRAND GUIGNOL DIABOLIQUE! The songs were actually already quite completed last year, but for various vicissitudes, they could have been completed only now. The waiting, anyway, was worth it. And the big news are that to excuse themselves for the long waiting, the GGD decided to put the album online FREE for all! !!! In fact in the MUSIC section of this site you will be able to listen to the whole album using the player, but will be also able to download the single songs in MP3 format or also the whole album zipped in RAR format, covers included. And it does not end here, because it is planned for 2012 the international version (sung in English) of the album, that will include brand new versions of all the songs, and we think there will be some surprises!!! Meanwhile enjoy GGD TWO (this the title of the album Nr.2). See ya
Our CD is for sale at last! From now on it will be possible to buy the whole CD or even only some tracks in MP3 format from CD BABY, a site who'll deliver it thru all the major digital shops, such as iTune, Amazon, etc. Not bad, huh? We're so excited! Let's hope it's only the beginning of a nice venture and thanks in advance to whom will trust us buying our music. Click here to see what it's all about. See ya
It's the official release date of the album. Through the web and for FREE DOWNLOAD only. So it's available here and on MYSPACE. Waiting to find a proper deal, to make this wonderful record, a REAL record, available all around the globe, to everybody. Just a dream? Well, it could be, but all the dreams are made of blood too, and we have plenty of it. Isn't it? :-)

GRAND GUIGNOL DIABOLIQUE: Grand Guignol Diabolique

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